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About the Monadnock Trail Breakers Snowmobile Club


The Monadnock Trail Breakers, based out of Dublin, NH are largely responsible for making the recreational use of many local trails possible through the winter months. A non-profit snowmobile club, the Trail Breakers belong to the NH Snowmobile Association and are very active in the Cheshire & Hillsborough County Districts. Grooming trails from Dublin through Peterborough and all the way to Hancock for Walkers, Runners, Hikers, Skiers, Snowshoers, Snowmobilers and other winter recreational activities.


Currently the club is able to provide these trails for public use through the volunteer efforts of members and is always looking for new members and volunteers to participate in trail improvement and other community activities.  The Monadnock Trail Breakers is a snowmobile club but they encourage all recreationists of all ages to join them in their volunteer efforts to keep the trails in great condition for everyone, to expand the trail system and are always looking to build relationships with land owners & volunteers to create new trails in our area.



The Monadnock Trail Breakers Snowmobile Club seeks to preserve and improve snowmobiling for future generations in our community. Our Club, in conjunction with the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association and our neighboring clubs, works toward maintaining and improving trails, facilities and services for riders & recreationalists, and interacts with landowners to ensure that our trails remain both safe and accessible to the public.

We are also dedicated to providing a fun and safe environment for snowmobile enthusiasts as well as recreationists such as Walkers, Runners, Hikers, Equestrians, Skiers,  & Snowshoers to get together; both on the trail, and off at our various social gatherings throughout the year.

We do our part to make the New Hampshire trail system what it is today- miles of gorgeous, safe, and fun recreation for the whole family.

PRESIDENT - Jaimie Kierstead
SECRETARY - Liz Fletcher
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Brie Morrissey
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