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4 Groomers out 1/28/2015

1st Big Groom of the year!!!

Chris, Brie, Kim, Jaimie, Scott & Brie went out on Wednesday with 4 groomers went out all day today packing and grooming and were able to get the majority of our trail system opened up!


Groomed from Carrs store (Dublin) to Monadnock Paper Mill (Bennington) and Hancock rail bed to Seven Maples Campground.

Trails beyond the campground to Nubi Lake and to Gregg Lake in Antrim are not broken open yet.

Greenfield rail bed and state park are yet to be groomed, more snow cover is needed.

Snow cover is thin, some rails still exposed. Use extra caution, go slow but get out and enjoy the trails. With more snow coming we should have a beautiful base!!!!

Met up with X-Country Skiiers, Walkers, Snowshoers and Snowmobilers in 1 trip

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