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Grooming 2.16.17

Our groomers have been non-stop this week after all this awesome snow!

Chris & Rick got the Tucker moved to Hancock (Huge Thank you to Spencer Thompson for the parking!) and groomed with the Tucker and big drag from Hancock to North Bennington Rd where Hillsboro NightRiders take over & to Greenfield State Park where Wilton Lyndeboro Winter Wanderers meet up.

Rusty & Michael are out tonight in the Pisten Bully from Carr's store to Elmwood Junction. Rusty, Liz, Rick & Jesse have been out all week on Skandics working tirelessly on the new trail to Harrisville and all around Dublin to Peterborough! We appreciate everyone's EXTREME respect in Harrisville as we're working out the kinks of the new trail. HUGE shoutout to our new landowner's over that way we appreciate your support more than you know especially Barbara Watkins for all of your help in putting this together!

John Beckta went out on Valentine's Day from Carr's to Elmwood Junction.

Joe has been learning to groom on the new Skandic all over town and doing a fantastic job using the drag even if he says he's learned more of how to get unstuck than anything else.

We now have a great SNOWMOBILE parking area Dublin General Store as a pit stop for people to get awesome lunch, coffee, a bathroom,etc ... so thankful for Michelle & Andy's support. (Please DO NOT park trucks and trailers at DGS)

Pretty sure Jaimie Kierstead hasn't gotten off a Skandic in wayyy over a week making sure all the signage is perfect and grooming everything around Dublin and Edward MacDowell Reservoir (quite literally until he ran out of fuel ;)).

Kim built the awesome snow bridge by Morning Star and has been packing and grooming all over Dublin and to Carr's store

Thank you all for your patience. It's been tough to pull the trails together with so much snow so quickly and we appreciate your patience and respect on the trails! PLEASE CONTINUE TO STAY ON THE TRAIL AND BE RESPECTFUL OF OUR LANDOWNERS AS OUR TRAIL SYSTEM GROWS!

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